Using the consoleΒΆ

solrcloudpy comes with a console that can be run simply by typing solrconsole. It has a few convenniences, such as an already-created SolrConnection object and SearchOptions that can be referred to directly.

$ solrconsole --host=localhost --port=8983
SolrCloud Console
Use the 'conn' object to access a collection

Type 'collections' to see the list of available collections
solr localhost:8983>"junk")).result
    "response": "SolrResponse << {'start': 0, 'numFound': 0, 'docs': []} >>"

solr localhost:8983> res.response
    "start": 0,
    "numFound": 0,
    "docs": []


usage: solrconsole [-h] [--host HOST] [--port PORT] [--user USER]
               [--password PASSWORD]

Parser for solrcloudpy console

optional arguments:
-h, --help           show this help message and exit
--host HOST          host
--port PORT          port
--user USER          user
--password PASSWORD  password

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